[MF] [Foot Fetish] Chronicles of a Foot Model: Part II

*Thank you guys for all the kind words and the comments, it was very encouraging. An I welcome any comments and DMs as well. This is part two the chronicles……. I hope you enjoy….and as always please be gentle in your critiques.*




**Chronicles of a Foot Model: Part II**

So…..Since the last exert, I have done some research online on the whole realm of foot fetish and all that it entails. I was at a loss though in my attempts to find information on women with pretty feet who actually enjoy having their feet “worshiped” as the foot fetish community calls it. May be I am an anomaly, which wouldn’t surprise me. I have spent most of my life being a bit different, and have been known to relish in this fact. I did learn that there are many facets to the foot fetish community, some of which did not interest me in the least. I figured why not educate myself, and store this information away to possibly be used at a later date.

The second installment of these chronicles pick up in the second semester of my freshman year. Although now I am a bit less naive to the foot fetish world, because I have done some research. I have also started to customarily take care of my feet in much better fashion than before, regular pedicures. An I know yall are interested to know that the nail technician an I never met again, it’s a true shame because she had magic in her touch. So moving forward I regularly lotion my feet nightly, and had turned into an also self pampering ritual. I kept my soles so smooth that I found it difficult to wear the highly popular leather soled flip flops, because after a few hours my feet would become slippery and slide about in the footwear. While this was a negative, I knew from my research and my previous installment, that I did indeed have very attractive feet. I also know that regular maintenance could set them apart from the rest and really make them stand out.

I have started noticing while out and about around campus that people, particularly older men would stare at my feet. I found this to be mildly arousing an would normally play along, maybe dangling my shoe or flexing my arches and spreading my toes. Nothing ever came of it other than me putting on a little show for these men. That is until I met Dr. Brown, my biology professor. I had his class second semester of freshman year, and being a core class it was an abnormally large class. I knew this was one of my weaker subjects, so I attempted to get to class early, an try to find a seat on the front row. The day that I noticed that Dr. Brown may share a similar fetish with me was about the third week of class. On this particular day I was wearing a sundress, nothing too revealing and a cute pair of mary jane flats. I was sitting in the front row of the class, which had stadium style seating and was almost centered to his podium where he lectured. Dr. Brown was not a man in which I would consider strikingly good looking, but he was attractive in his own way. On this particular day I noticed that when Dr. Brown was lecturing he would pause, and in doing so he would look down. It did not take me long to realize or at least suspect that he was looking at my feet. I thought at first that I may be I was making this up in my head, due to being bored an exceptionally horny. So I decided to test it out, and see if what I suspected was actually true. I started dangling my shoe, as I took notes from his lecture. I immediately noticed that Dr. Brown’s pauses were growing more frequent. So I thought why not continue, as I removed one of my flats and started rubbing my bare foot atop the other foot, which was still in the shoe. This caused Dr. Brown to cough audibly and clear his voice. I was even more convinced at this point that he was watching my feet, I even started to grow a bit aroused knowing what thoughts were probably running through his head. I decided one last measure was in order so I slid my foot out of the other shoe and began rubbing my feet together, at first I was very subtle. Then I positioned them sole to sole, and flexed my toes a bit. I looked up from my note taking, as if to look at the presentation screen, and saw that Dr. Brown had to adjust a bit. He had a growing bulge in his trousers, and I might add that even from my seat seemed quite impressive. I smiled at him to acknowledge in a sense that I was aware that he was caught in a lustful gaze, and went back to my work.

At the conclusion of class Dr. Brown tells us that we need to check out emails for scores from the homework assignment that we turned in during the beginning of the week. The class then dismisses an I gather my belongings, and walk out with the rest of the students. I walk to the food court and grab some food, while I am eating I decide to check my email, and see my score from the homework assignment. I click on the email from Dr. Brown, and it reads can you please contact me in regards to your assignment. I am a bit taken back at first, I know Biology is not my strong suit but did I fuck it up that bad? An as I read through the email, there was a hyperlink at the bottom. You know the kind of link in an email that you can click on, it was another email address. This email though was a gmail address, which I had a pretty good idea was a secondary account, I mean why else would you send me an email with another email address to contact you. I clicked on the email address and decided to play koy a bit in my reply. I wrote, “ Dr. Brown I received your email, please tell me that I did not mess up the assignment that badly.” I felt naughty sending the email, but thought that I would play along. I didn’t even sit my phone down and he replied, “No ma’am you didn’t mess up the assignment at all, I was wondering your availability to meet, I will be in my office for several hours, if you’re still on campus.” I was a bit surprised by his forwardness, but intrigued all the same. I responded to his email, and said “Yes, I am still on campus. I can swing by after my next class, if that works for you?”. Dr. Brown responded, “that sounds great, I’m on the third floor of the science building room 315. Also if you need to go home an change prior I wouldn’t mind at all, say into something more of the open toed variety.” Wow, that was quite brazen, I can respect that. I replied, “subtly has been removed and point taken sir, I will do just that”. So now my heart is racing, and heavily anticipating this meeting with Dr. Brown. I actually end up skipping my next class, and running home and changing shoes as he requested. Into more of a minimalist open toe flat, the type that has just one small wrap that encompasses your big toe. I also took a moment to freshen up, you know just in case, I applied a little bit of lotion to my soles and some body spray. I also debated for a brief moment, and then decided to lose the panties. I headed back to campus my mind running through all of the possibilities.

I arrived back on campus, found parking, and walked to the science building which by now was creepily empty. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked down the hall til I found the door with the name plate Dr. Brown. I knocked on the door, and I heard from inside Dr. Brown say, “ C’mon in”. I walked into the office and took in the surroundings, his office was quite nice and larger than I expected. He motioned from behind his desk, yes dear, please have a seat as he pointed to a chair adjacent to his desk that appeared to be attached to a study of sorts. I walked over and sat in the chair, and he accompanied me sitting in the chair across from me. Dr. Brown broke the silence first and said, “ I see you took my not so subtle hint, of changing your shoes to the open toed variety”. I blushed a bit, and said “Of course, I take advantage of every opportunity that I can to show off my feet. I am sure that you are already aware of that.” I couldn’t help but smirk. Dr. Brown replied, “ I have noticed that you like showing them off, more than I should most likely”. Dr. Brown rambled on a bit after that stating that he is a tenured professor and the university strictly prohibits sexual activity with students and faculty. I replied, yes we are both well aware of that rule. Dr. Brown said, so I will cut right to the chase, and tell you that if your not willing then you can leave at any time. I replied, “I’m listening”. He continued to tell me that he has a fondness for feet, which is a scholarly way of saying that he has a foot fetish, and that he would like nothing more than to worship my feet. He just wanted to assure that he was taking as little risk as possible, and that is completely understandable. I responded by saying, “Dr. Brown, I am flattered. An it just so happens that I really like having my feet worshiped”. Dr. Brown’s face almost lit up from excitement, as we both kind of sat there waiting for someone to initiate the next move.

The silence was killing me, so I sat back in the high back leather chair, which was plush and comfy, and I started raising my toes up in my shoes and spreading them out. This had an immediate effect on Dr. Brown as he was now watching my feet intently, and without fear of being caught. I called to Dr. Brown, “It is going to be really hard to touch my feet from way over there, come over here and lay down”. As I patted the ground with my foot, welcoming him and directing him where to lay. Dr. Brown walk over and laid directly below my feet, I lifted them up as he positioned himself directly under me. I slid to the edge of my chair, and held my feet directly over his face just about touching him, I could feel his breath on my feet. The rush of excitement that I felt at the nail salon was returning, as I could begin to sense a tingle under my skirt. I playfully placed my feet on his chest, and directed him to remove my shoes. He did just that, rather hastily and hurried. I started rubbing my feet around on his chest and slid them up letting my toes drift across his chin. Dr. Brown let out a deep sigh, as my toes traced across his cheeks. This felt incredible to me as I could feel the stubble on his face brushing against my smooth soles. I pressed my feet into his cheeks and he moaned more audibly this time. I wanted to feel his mouth on my feet, I was getting worked up as I could feel my face becoming warm and the heat was slowing drifting down into my chest. I placed one of my feet firmly on his chest and traced the other one down his nose and continued to digress across his lips. I heard him inhale deeply, which was the same thing that happened in the nail salon, only this time it was much less subtle. As my arches passed over his mouth, I held it there and pressed my toes into and across his nose. This seem to really strike a chord with him, as he moaned loudly an began licking my soles. This sensation was much different than the nail salon, she was very sensual as if she was making love to my feet with her mouth. Dr. Brown on the other hand was much more direct, and it was as if he was roughly fucking my feet with his mouth and tongue. As soon as his mouth began to work up my soles and underneath my toes almost instanously I became insanely aroused, the heat I was feeling had passed through my face and chest and now was directly focused on my pussy. I could feel myself growing wetter, as I moved in my seat leaning back further. My hands moved to the armrests of the chairs as I could feel myself involuntarily starting to move, with each passing of his tongue. Dr. Brown started holding my foot, and running his tongue between my toes, sucking them while he swirled his tongue around them. I instantly felt my arousal increase, my clit was yearning to be touched as I felt it begin to swell. My pussy was growing wet, as I could feel the wetness begin to trickle down my inner thigh.

I adjusted my position again, affording me a view of Dr. Brown while he devoured my feet with his mouth. Watching this and feeling it at the same time was an even bigger turn on. He continued his marvelous mouth assault on my foot and was now sukcing my arches and soles, running his tongue down an licking my heel. He reached for my other foot and I presented it to his mouth, and he began the process all over. My other foot was damp from his licking and sucking and was resting on his chest. My arousal at this point had driven my legs further apart and I had my hands lightly rubbing my thighs up and down, pulling up my skirt a bit more with each pass. As I spread my legs further, this drove my foot down from his chest to his abdomen region as I started lightly rubbing it over his belt. Dr. Brown was still engrossed in licking my foot as he had now moved to sucking my toes, I was already wet an I could feel my clit starting to swell. I noticed a very large bulge in his dress pants, the same bulge that I had seen in class, only this time it seemed bigger. It was pressing against his trousers, and had them taughtly pulled away from his body. I couldn’t help myself, I traced my foot over the bulge, pressing down on it and allowing my toes to curl around it a bit. I felt amazing, this was the first time my foot had ever been on a cock, and from what I felt it was undoubtedly the biggest cock that I had ever felt. This seemed to have a dramatic effect on Dr. Brown as his mouth began to move faster on my toes and soles. He was also moaning louder now as I ran my foot up and down the length of his cock. I could not take it anymore, my legs were spread and my pussy was in need of attention. I raised my skirt up even more, and my pussy was exposed to the air, it felt amazing. My hand found my lips and gently parted them as I slid two fingers down my slit, trapping my swollen clit between my fingers. I began squeezing my fingers together as I slid my fingers up and down the length of my pussy teasing my opening, and then moving back up. Dr. Brown seemed to follow suit, as he ran his hands down to his belt, and hastily unbuckled it and almost tore his pants open as he freed his cock. He immediately started stroking it. I was in awe, he was still licking and sucking my toes while he stroked his dick. His cock was huge, very girthy but had incredible length also. I allowed my foot to pass over his now bare cock and the sensation felt incredible, he moaned aloud. I was now sliding two fingers into my pussy as I grinded my palm into my clit, I was so wet that this motion was making sloshing noises. I moved my foot to his balls and pressed, then started squeezing his balls with my toes. Dr. Brown started breathing heavier, and was now stroking his cock faster. I continued my motion on his balls as I started to drift up to the base of his cock, I spread my toes and grabbed the base of his cock between my toes. This was enough to press him over the edge as he almost grunted when he told me that he was cumming. As his orgasm hit, the first spurt flew from his cock, falling onto my foot this drove me wild. I was now fucking myself deeper and faster with two fingers, as my other hand was working my clit. As Dr. Browns orgasam subsided he released his cock and I placed my foot on it rubbing it around in his warm cum. I felt my orgasm build, and when I climaxed it washed over my entire body. I stopped fingering myself and went back to profusely working my clit as I could feel my pussy start to convulse. I moaned loudly until I felt I had to air to exhale. As my orgasam subsided, I fell into the chair and tried to bring myself back to reality.

This whole encounter ended as abruptly as it began, Dr. Brown stood up from his resting position and walked over to his desk. He cleaned himself up with some tissues and then walked over to where I was seated and handed me some tissue, I cleaned up a bit and wiped my feet. I straightened my clothes, grabbed my shoes, and walked out. Before I left, Dr. Brown told me thank you. This seemed to be a growing trend, I assured him that I enjoyed it also.

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